Professional Makeup Artist

I am the founder of the HOUSEOFMAVERICK brand which represents a fresh yet simple and organic way of experiencing makeup and style, specializing in creating bold and dynamic looks. 

A huge part of my makeup is who I am. I draw inspiration from my experiences, surroundings, the nature of the booking, and my clients energy. I always try to meet their level of comfort to deliver a beautiful overall look.

I love looking beyond what the average eye sees. There is beauty found in everything. And that is seen in my art. Beauty is used as an expression in so many controversial subjects which most of us are uncomfortable to discuss: Abuse, Racism, Gender equality, Sexuality, or body positivity.

I am grateful that during these uncertain times it has allowed me to venture into unfamiliar territory and escalate myself as an artist to new growth potential and open the virtual doors of HOUSEOFMAVERICK.

My Story

How I Got Started

In 2006 I decided to further my skills in MakeUp Artistry at PMU (Professional Makeup). It was here that I discovered the world of Behind-the-Scenes and I immediately went on to work at MAC. Shortly thereafter, I had to give up the dream which allowed for more flexible working hours. I went on to own a hand painted children’s décor and personalised linen online franchise.

Fast-forward to 2018 when social media took off, feeling confused about this trend of application I decided to acquire a new skill in the field.

The world of airbrush has always fascinated me. I decided to grow as an artist and try out an alternative form of makeup application. Temptu immediately stood out for me and the technique felt like second nature. Working with such a high-performance product has elevated my creativity across the spectrum and forced me to explore new territory from working with International models to legends in the South African music industry. The art of Airbrush has allowed me to elevate myself as an artist having a product, I can depend on to deliver a natural skin like finish, suitable for all skin types or tones.

Everything was coming together and then COVID-19 hit harder than anyone could ever anticipate. We were flung into a terrifying unknown, but I am grateful that during these uncertain times it has allowed me to venture into the world of styling and designing custom hand-made accessories elevating my makeup skills to new growth potential and opening the virtual doors of the HOUSEOFMAVERICK.


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